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Request for Public Comment on Proposed Administrative Rules

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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the proposed administrative rules for the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice is to establish and clarify procedures within the framework of the Recognition of EMS Personnel Practice Interstate Compact (REPLICA). Key components of these rules include:

Section 10 - "The Commission": This new section details the criteria and process for new member states wishing to join REPLICA. It includes guidelines for reviewing state legislation to ensure alignment with REPLICA's model legislation. Additionally, it sets forth a timeline and procedures for new member states to adopt the compact's requirements and specifies the protocol for appointing commissioners.

Re-numbering of Section 11: To accommodate the new Section 10, Section 11 has been renumbered. This section combines previously existing administrative rules but introduces no new content or changes.

Section 13 - Compliance for Member States: This is a new section focusing on compliance monitoring and enforcement. It describes how compliance issues are identified, assessed, and resolved, including a dispute resolution process that encompasses informal procedures, mediation, and arbitration.

Section 14 - Compact Implementation and Activation Date: Another new section, Section 14, provides clarity on the timelines for implementing and activating the compact, defining specific implementation and activation dates.

Overall, these proposed rules are designed to streamline the process for states joining REPLICA, ensure uniformity in the application of the compact's provisions, and establish clear procedures for compliance and dispute resolution.