Database (NEMSCD)


The National EMS Coordinated Database (NEMSCD) is a web-based system that centralizes EMS Personnel license details, Privilege to Practice status, investigations and discipline information for Member States. NEMSCD allows member states to rapidly validate primary source EMS licensure records, discipline, and investigative information. 

Member states will always own and control their data, which is another example of how states will maintain their sovereignty under the EMS Compact. The Commission designated the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) as the Database Administrator and collaborated with the National Registry on the design and implementation of the database. Maintenance, hosting, and security of the database is provided in-kind from the National Registry to the EMS Compact.

Member State Database Integration Status

As the EMS Compact is transitioning to a full-operational status, Member States are implementing the technical changes required to synchronize the Member State's EMS Licensure database with the National EMS Coordinate Database. 
** NOTE: Qualified EMS Personnel licensed in a Member State that is not yet integrated with the NEMSCD may still be granted a Privilege to Practice that is not displayed in NEMSCD. Contact the Member State's EMS licensure office for assistance with verification status. ** 

NEMSCD Data Integration Status

Submitting Data
AdobeStock_231535086-EMS-Compact-Status-Icons_In-Progress.png Partially Submitting Data
AdobeStock_231535086-EMS-Compact-Status-Icons_Pending.png In Process Submitting Data
Not Submitting Data
State Status
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota AdobeStock_231535086-EMS-Compact-Status-Icons_In-Progress.png
West Virginia

Primary Source Equivalent

The NEMSCD licensure and disciplinary database is the repository of the data provided directly from each state EMS license office.  All EMS license data is managed by the State EMS Office, and that data is securely transmitted to the NEMSCD daily. 

NEMSCD Quick Verify 

The NEMSCD Quick Verify tool provides EMS Providers and the general public the ability to validate an EMS Provider's privilege to practice status and Home State(s) license status.  

Database FAQs

How do I change or update the information displayed in NEMSCD?

The NEMSCD data is a reflection of the data contained in the state EMS license system. The EMS Compact does not have the ability to change or modify the data. Any changes must be made by the primary data owner, which is the State EMS Office.

Will the data contained in NEMSCD be sold?


Can a private company purchase or request a mailing list of EMS providers from the EMS Compact?

No. The information contained in the NEMSCD will not be sold. The Public Portal is a secure, free tool that may be used to validate the status a individual provider's license and privilege to practice status. 

I am licensed in an EMS Compact state, but my license information is not found . Why?

There may be many reasons the license information is not displaying in the NEMSCD system.  Because the EMS Compact is still new, some states have not yet completed the database integration.  A list of state integration status is here. 

If your state has completed the database integration but your license information is still not displayed, the following are the most common reasons:
  • While information is generally updated in less than 24 hours, database maintenance or technical issues may occasionally cause delays. 
  • Missing National EMS ID Number.  All EMS Provider licenses are required to have a unique identifier (National EMS ID number). This unique ID number is used to link EMS License data between states and the National Registry.  If your National EMS ID number is missing, or if the system is unable to validate the ID number, the information will not be displayed in the NEMSCD. Contact your State EMS Office to resolve this issue.