Oklahoma, the 24th State to Enact the EMS Compact

The EMS Compact proudly announces that effective November 1, 2023, the State of Oklahoma is officially a member of the Emergency Medical Services Compact, marking a significant leap forward in advancing emergency medical services. Earlier this year Governor J Kevin Stitt signed the Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact legislation (House Bill 2422) into law with an effective date of November 1, 2023, making Oklahoma the 24th state to join the EMS Compact.

The EMS Compact harmonizes EMS personnel licensure regulations and facilitates the seamless mobility of licensed EMS personnel across state boundaries. Oklahoma's inclusion in the Compact means that Oklahoma's EMS agencies will gain access to an expanded EMS workforce of 400,000 EMS personnel. Furthermore, licensed EMS professionals from the state can now practice in other member states without the need for additional licensing. By adopting uniform EMS personnel licensure standards, the EMS Compact states have significantly reduced administrative burdens while enhancing access to the national EMS workforce.

In addition to easing administrative burdens for EMS personnel, Oklahoma's State EMS Office will gain access to the National EMS Coordinated database. This database plays a pivotal role in enhancing public protection by enabling the sharing of EMS licensure data among member states. Oklahoma will now have access to information on any adverse actions taken against an individual's EMS license in other states, further promoting public safety and accountability within the profession.

Donnie Woodyard, the Executive Director of the EMS Compact, emphasized the significance of this moment, stating, "Oklahoma's embrace of the EMS Compact signifies a monumental step forward in our collective effort to establish consistent standards and ensure the highest level of care in emergency medical services across state lines. This unity strengthens our profession, promotes accountability, and ultimately benefits the communities we serve."

Oklahoma's inclusion in the Compact signifies a nationwide commitment to professionalism, the importance of national standards, public protection, and accountability. Furthermore, the EMS Compact legislation mandates that all member states adopt uniform minimum standards for EMS personnel licensure, further enhancing the quality and consistency of emergency medical services across the country.

The EMS Compact not only streamlines the mobility of EMS personnel but also strengthens access to patient care, safeguards the public, reduces administrative burdens for EMS personnel and states, and ultimately enhances the Emergency Medical Services system in the United States.

Oklahoma's decision to become a member of the EMS Compact underscores the state's dedication to improving healthcare and emergency response services. This milestone reinforces the state's commitment to providing high-quality care to its residents while collaborating with other states to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and public safety.

For more information about the EMS Compact and its benefits, please visit www.emscompact.gov.