Indiana’s Commissioner confirmed as Vice Chair of National EMS Compact by Special Election

Indiana’s State EMS Director Kraig Kinney was confirmed in his position as vice chair of the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice in a special election held on December 7 during a meeting of the full Commission.  

Commissioner Kinney will continue his efforts with the EMS Compact serving both on the Executive Committee and as the chair of the Bylaws and Rules Committee. Commissioner Kinney said, “the committees are currently working to better define some of the terms in the model compact legislation and continue to mature the administration of the compact.”  The Commission is creating documents, policies and rules that support clarifications that will be available in 2023.

The national awareness of the EMS Compact has grown considerably over the last year. Ray Mollers, Executive Director of the EMS Compact said, “as state legislatures reconvene, healthcare licensure compacts have considerable forward momentum, and many states are considering adoption of legislation to join the EMS Compact. The Commission stands ready to support States through the legislation development process by providing state officials and organizations support documents that will educate state leaders on the benefit of the Compact.”