Commission Adopts New Administrative Rules

WASHINGTON, DC, FEBRUARY 21, 2024 – The Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice announces the adoption of revised Administrative Rules, a significant development following a detailed seven-month drafting and review process. These rules, unanimously approved at the Commission's first quarter meeting on February 21, 2024, aim to refine and fortify the operational framework of the Recognition of EMS Personnel Practice Interstate Compact (REPLICA).
Highlighted amendments and introductions in the revised rules are:
  • Section 10 - The Commission: This new section delineates the procedure for new states implementing REPLICA legislation and seeking to join the EMS Compact. It specifies the Commission's approach to reviewing state legislation, ensuring its alignment with REPLICA's model legislation. It also details a clear timeline and methodologies for new member states to adopt the compact's requirements and outlines the process for appointing commissioners.
  • Re-numbering of Section 11: Accommodating the new Section 10, the original Section 10 (Coordinated Database) has been merged into the existing Section 11. This renumbering consolidates content without introducing new material or alterations.
  • Section 13 - Compliance for Member States: This innovative section concentrates on compliance monitoring and enforcement within member states. Recognizing that interstate compacts serve as both state statutes and contractual agreements between states, this section details procedures for identifying, evaluating, and addressing compliance issues. It incorporates a comprehensive dispute resolution process, including informal procedures, mediation, and arbitration.
  • Section 14 - Compact Implementation and Activation Date: This section enshrines previously determined implementation and activation dates into the Administrative Rules for future clarity and reference.
These revised Administrative Rules reflect the ongoing evolution and maturation of the EMS Compact. Effective immediately for the 24 EMS Compact Member States, the rules exemplify a commitment to collaboration, transparency, and standardization in interstate EMS practice in the United States.
Commissioner Kraig Kinney [IN], Chair of the Commission, remarked, "We are committed to fostering a cohesive, efficient, and effective national EMS system. These new rules signify a major leap forward in our mission, ensuring the highest standards of EMS practice across state lines. We anticipate that these modifications will considerably enhance the operation and development of EMS services nationwide and simplify the integration of new states into the compact."

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