Colorado’s Commissioner Elected Chair of National EMS Compact

Colorado’s State EMS Director, Donnie Woodyard, was elected chair of the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice on October 27, during the Commission’s annual meeting. Commissioner Joseph Schmider (Texas), after serving five years as the Commission’s inaugural Chair, will remain on the executive committee as the Immediate Past Chair. Commissioner Wayne Denny (Idaho) was reelected as treasurer.  

With 22 states participating, the EMS Compact improves access to EMS personnel and enhances public protection. The EMS Compact is a legal agreement between states, enacted by state legislation in each of the 22 member states.  The EMS Compact grants EMTs through Paramedics licensed in one compact member state a Privilege to Practice in other compact member states. The EMS Compact also reduces administrative burden for EMS personnel, states, and provides a mechanism for states to share licensure records and collaborate on cross-border investigations.   

Woodyard is the Chief of the Emergency Medical and Trauma Services Branch in Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment and has served as the Vice Chair of the Commission since 2020.   

“I am looking forward to working with Commissioner Woodyard in his new role as Chair,” said Ray Mollers, the Compact’s Executive Director. “While also thankful for Commissioner Schmider’s strong leadership as the Compact’s first chair, guiding the Compact during pandemic and the expansion from 10 to 22 states.”  

“It is an honor being named as the Chair of the EMS Compact,” said Woodyard.  “Today, over 350,000 EMS personnel are licensed in Compact states. Over the next two years, we will renew our focus on educating the EMS system to ensure there’s a full understanding of the role of the EMS Compact and the EMS Compact Privilege to Practice. We will also prioritize efforts to ensure each of the 22 member states are fully on-boarded and integrated into the National EMS Coordinated Database.”  

The EMS Compact member states include Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.