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David Jamie Weller

David Jamie Weller

West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services
350 Capitol St
Charleston 25301
Phone: (304) 641-8811
The West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services was legislatively mandated in 1975 and has been tasked with overseeing the emergency care system in WV. The Office:

• Inspects, Licenses and Regulates EMS Agencies
• Certifies EMS personnel such as Paramedics and EMTs
• Designates Trauma centers
• Categorizes Emergency Departments with regards to stroke and STEMI
• Investigates allegations of violations of code or policy by EMS agencies or personnel.
• Provides the technical infrastructure over which the State emergency communications system runs.

About West Virginia's EMS System
In West Virginia, the REPLICA legislation was signed into law on March 5, 2020. West Virginia was the 19th state to enact the EMS Compact.

National EMS Coordinated Database Status
•   ✅  West Virginia is fully integrated with NEMSCD

Applicable West Virginia EMS Law and Rule
•    Emergency Medical Services Act (WVC 16-4C)
•    Emergency Medical Services (64CSR48) 
•    Legislative 30 Day Comment - 64CSR48-6.2.15.a-c
•    Emergency Ambulance Service Act of 1975 (WVC 7-15) 

State EMS Office Links
•    WV Office of Emergency Medical Services 
•    Staff Directory
•    EMS Personnel Certification
•    Online Tools and Services 

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