May 14, 2024

Q2 2024 Meeting Agenda

Location:         Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA, Conference Center B
Date:                May 14, 2024

Time:               2:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)
  1. Call to Order & Welcome - Commissioner Kinney (IN), Chair 
    1. Commissioner Roll Call - Commissioner House (KS), Secretary 
    2. Declare Quorum Present - Kinney
    3. Introduce New Commissioners - Kinney 
    4. Adopt Business Agenda - Kinney 
  1. Public Comments Regarding Matters Not on the Agenda - Kinney 
  1. Old Business 
    1. Action: Review January 2024 (Q1) Meeting Minutes - House 
  1. New Business 
    1. Treasurer’s Report- Commissioner Vande Lune (IA)
    2. Chair’s Report - Kinney
    3. Establish Nominating Committee –Kinney
    4. Executive Director’s Report – Donnie Woodyard, Executive Director
      1. Privilege to Practice Memo
    5. National EMS Coordinated Database, Administrator Update – Ray Mollers, NREMT
    6. Bylaws & Rules Committee Update – Commissioner Joe Schmider [TX]
    7. State Roundtable Commissioner Updates – All Commissioners
      1. Compact Implementation
      2. Status of Compliance with Statute and Administrative Rules
      3. Challenges / Opportunities
  1. Federal Partners Update
  1. NGO & Professional Organizations Update
  1. Adjourn Meeting 
** Executive Session of the Commission to immediately follow adjournment of the public meeting.**

Meeting Norms: 
To allow for equal participation by all attendees during the meeting, please note the following guidelines for all attendees: 
  • Public Attendees: 
  • Public attendance is encouraged. 
  • Members of the public may request to speak during public comment periods.  Once recognized by the Chair public attendees should announce their name and organization before speaking. Public comments are limited to two minutes or less.
*All times are approximate.