Official Commission Seal

The Seal of the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice

APPROVED: December 6, 2023 

The Star of Life, an enduring symbol first granted to Nationally Registered EMTs in 1970, embodies professionalism, solidarity, and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of practice. It was graciously bestowed upon the nation by the National Registry and serves as a unifying emblem for the EMS profession. At the core of the Star of Life, a radiant single star shines brightly, symbolizing the unified voice and identity of Emergency Medical Services across the nation. Adjacent to the Star of Life, an arrow points right, symbolizing the industry's collective progress and forward momentum.

The inclusion of a red circle, borrowed from the seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security, represents bureaucratic red tape. Just as the red circle is divided on the Department of Homeland Security's seal, signifying the removal of obstacles, this emblem features 24 openings within the red circle, mirroring the number of Compact Member states at the time this seal was adopted. This imagery illustrates the Compact's ability to transcend bureaucratic barriers and overcome hurdles in its pursuit of a brighter future.

The emblem's base proudly showcases ten Stars of Life, honoring the initial ten states whose legislative efforts gave rise to the EMS Compact. This serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit that was essential in establishing the EMS Compact.

The entire composition is set against a pristine white backdrop, symbolizing the purity, honor, and intrinsic value of the Emergency Medical Services profession. The colors red, white, and blue incorporated in the seal not only symbolize the United States but also reflect the dedication, unity, and unwavering commitment of the EMS Compact in facilitating the interstate movement and license recognition of EMS personnel, sharing data between states, enhancing public safety, and promoting collaboration to serve the nation's communities with excellence and care.

In the center of this emblem, a stylized white Star of Life resides within a hexagon, set against a background of rich blue. The blue hexagon, recognized for its symbolism of equilibrium and unity, envelops the emblem and represents the profound sense of trust, reliability, and steadfastness that are fundamental qualities within the field of Emergency Medical Services.